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Read Testimonials of the hOurworld®️ Trainings!

Kim Hodge -- Michigan Alliance of TimeBanks

"Linda Hogan is a spirited, loving trainer. We have had her several times in Michigan and enjoy her each time. She brings us wisdom, energy and great stories about how TimeBanking is working around the country and how it can work for us in Michigan. We greatly value her experience and guidance and look forward to the next time she's with us. Her fun, thoughtful, creative ways of engaging people are not to be missed. She will not disappoint! If you are considering starting or reinvigorating your skill exchange, contact Linda and hOurworld. They will get you going and support you all along the way."

Benita Muniz, Aurora Community Exchange Time Bank, Colorado

"I was very fortunate to have attended my first Time Bank training in Pennsylvania May of 2012 and received some great information, although I felt the need for further training and make sure I was on the right track with ACE time bank. When I heard of the hOurworld®️ Montrose training last year i immediately applied. I cannot emphasize enough how beneficial the need for more than one training is needed to build one's confidence. It made a positive difference on how I approached and presented the Time Bank model to community residents and organizations. hOurworld®️'s Immersion Training was wonderful and thorough, giving me the tools I needed to grow the Aurora Community Exchange. And of course, the Time and Talents Software is a wonderful tool!"

Kate Fortier, Windham Area Hour Exchange, CT

"For the fee, you receive two days of intensive training, starter documents for everything from budgeting to bylaws to applications, AND free use of the Time & Talents online software, which as we discussed at our last Kitchen Cabinet meeting is provided with very attentive ongoing tech support and continual capacity improvements, like the global abilities and Smartphone applications that were recently announced. I cannot recommend this training highly enough."

Margaret Kuhlen, Santa Fe Time Bank, NM

"I am very glad to testify with great appreciation for your ongoing support and valuable input continuing years after the immersion training. The talk you gave for our Annual Meeting that year was truly a boost to our time bank allowing many to feel the larger context of which Santa Fe Time Bank is a part. We appreciate, as well, sharing the orientation video that inspires me still, every month we show it to newcomers.... and WE have just this week made copies of the talk you gave to the small group which assembled before the trip to Portland for our training experience. I want to give one to each of our Board members. Thank you for all of that and for the work you do that has created support for us in hOurworld."

Toni Mazzella, Hudson Valley Hour Exchange

"The two day training with Linda Hogan of hOurworld®️ was very informative and eye opening. I walked away with my mind full of great ideas on how the hour exchange could help communities come together, such as joining forces with other organizations, local business involvement and using old time facilities like Granges for meeting places. (just to name a few)

Our exchange was in the startup mode before attending and now after the training we are enrolling new members. The training gave us the confidence and information to get it going one member at a time. The CD we received is packed with all the information needed to start and grow the exchange. Sure beats reinventing the wheel! I also would like to thank all of the Portland Maine exchange members that provided us with a place to stay and delicious food throughout the two days. This was one of the best examples of how a hour exchange works in a community. I would suggest anyone who wants to start up an hour exchange to attended this training. Well worth it! Thanks so much!

Carol Cole Lewis THRIVE, CA

"The hOurworld®️ immersion training was an important element in allowing our 3 year old time bank to grow from 200 members to over 375 members in one year, with a 100% increase in the number of members engaging in at least one transaction annually. It also helped our team of 4 co-coordinators to come up to speed quickly on issues we were facing as a result of the increased use, as well as allowed us to learn about other approaches other time banks were using. THANK YOU, HOURWORLD!"

Cynthia Harwood - Time Bank of the Rockies (TBR) Facilitator
Diana Wilson – TBR Grant Writer
Darrell Weingard – TBR Board VP
Virgil Turner – Training attendee and City of Montrose Representative

"To Whom It May Concern,
We, the undersigned, would like to express our appreciation for the hOurworld training we attended in October, 2012.

Obviously, we were interested enough in time banking to attend the training, but we all came away unexpectedly enthused and inspired about the possibilities time banking has for our Montrose community. We are normally so immersed in the economy of money that it takes a true shift in thinking to recognize the underlying economy of human wealth that time banking builds: self-sufficiency, trust, relationship and community.

Time banking is a simple idea with great social potential, and we are grateful to Linda Hogan and Terry Daniels for the hOurword training for motivating us to build our Time Bank of the Rockies. In nine months since the training, we have grown from 20 members to almost 100, and have exchanged over 1200 hours of service, and we have the support of local service groups and governmental agencies.

Without the training provided by hOurworld, which provided a collective aha moment of realizing the enormous social potential time banking has for our community, it is doubtful that Time Bank of the Rockies would have taken root as well as it has in Montrose."

Karen Derrick-Davis, Co-founder, North City Park Community Exchange

"I went to the training upon the recommendation of a friend. I entered a skeptic and left a time bank evangelist. Linda and Terry explained the concepts very well. When I left, I had a clear idea of what it was going to take to start a time bank in my neighborhood."