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Santa Fe Time Bank

Reweaving Community One Hour at a Time

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None are planned for now but will let everyone know when an event is comming up.

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Santa Fe Time Bank welcomes you...

Welcome! Please visit www.santafetimebank.org for further information or to answer any questions. You can email us at info@santafetimebank.org Happy Time Banking!


The Santa Fe Time Bank seeks to strengthen our community by matching unmet needs with untapped resources and honor individual contributions by using Time Dollar Exchange.


Will  be by appointment call the office at 490-2119
For new members or for those interested in learning more about time banking or needing a refresher


 The phone number 490-2119, on the SFTB brochure, is answered when the office is staffed, the office has computers members can use to apply on line, record exchanges or post offers, any of your computer Time Bank needs.  And you can talk to a member. This is an attempt to remove barriers to full member participation

MAILING ADDRESS: P.O.Box 6503 Santa Fe, NM 87505

You can call the SFTB number: 505-490-2119 or email the Santa Fe Time Bank for more information at info@santafetimebank.org.



The minimum donation for both new members and annual renewals is $25.00 for individuals and $50.00 for organizations and businesses. Annual renewals are on the anniversary of membership activation; member will be notified by a SFTB e-mail at that time. If, for some reason, that does not happen and you are never notified, please let us know as these annual donations are critical to the successful operation of the time bank. Exceptions will be made for extenuating circumstances on a case-by-case basis by the SFTB Office team

To pay on line:

To pay by check: Mailing Address

Santa Fe Time Bank 
P.O. Box 6503
Santa Fe, NM

You are welcome to use this too; their support is excellent.  The team listed above is here in Santa Fe.