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Silver Spring Timebank

Share time, not money - build community -thrive together!

Share time, not money - build community - thrive together!

Timebanking is a way of giving and receiving services to build strong support networks. Services are exchanged using time instead of money. Equality is at the heart of all we do. An hour is an hour, regardless of the service.

For more information about the Silver Spring Timebank and to learn about upcoming events and orientations go to our Silver Spring Timebank website or visit our Facebook page.  

We are always looking for members to help run and grow the SSTB. To learn more about the various leadership teams, and how you can help and earn hours at the same time, click HERE!

Local Exchange News

Welcome to the Silver Spring Timebank!

The Silver Spring Timebank is a community organization that offers its members both the chance to share their time and talents and to receive the benefits of others time and talents.

We believe that every person has talents, can contribute to building a better community and is entitled to an opportunity to give and get respect.

For us, equality is at the heart of all we do.  An hour is an hour, regardless of the service.  All people are valued equally.  All work is valued equally.

Our community embraces the idea that "sharing is caring".  


Selected Exchange Stories

I attended the timebank's Kitchen Swap in April and found a set of napkins and placemats from World Market. I grabbed them, thinking they looked like the same size as my outdoor pillows which have faded from the sun. I put the Request on hOurworld to have someone re-cover my pillows with this new fabric. Connie answered my request. She sized them exactly, and they were much nicer than they would have been if I had done them myself. In fact, one of her friends saw them and tried to buy them from her! I'm so happy with my "new" pillows, and I love that I got to upcycle items from the Kitchen Swap.  -- Kathy J., 6/27/17