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CoThrive Time Bank

Peace, abundance and sharing through equality in exchange. A time and service exchange community and network for Northwest Indiana and beyond.


Leadership Team (Re) Forming
The timebank is member-run. That means we need talented people to help keep us operating sustainably. All work done to support the timebank is eligible for time credit -- you earn hours just the same as you would for helping another member. We need help in the following areas: event coordination, "food fairies" (bringing food to meetings), new member welcome and orientation, website administration, community liaison, fund raising, financial management, etc. If you have a skill you think would help the timebank and it's not listed here, let us know! 
If interested please contact Kathy Sipple at kasipple@gmail.com or call 219-405-9482.

Platform Change
In late June 2023 we switched back to hOurworld.org Time and Talent as our timebank exchange platform. All earned hours, offers, and contact information should have transfered; however new profile photos will need to be uploaded. For members who wish to remain active users, please upload a current photo (of your face) so that other members can recognize you at meetups. Also please update your offers and needs. Thanks!

Local Exchange News

Current Initiatives

  • Certify Your Wildlife Habitat
    Help Northwest Indiana become the first regionally certified "Community Habitat" through the National Wildlife Federation. You can claim the time spent to prepare your garden and do the activities needed to certify for timebank credit. Do you have native plants, garden design expertise or labor you'd like to give another member to help them certify? Please update your offers to let other members know! Note: there is a cost of $20 (paid to NWF) to certify, use GARDEN20 to get 20% off until July 31, 2023. http://nwf.org.certify
  • Learn Sociocracy!
    We will be introducing sociocracy as the governance method for our timebank so it is very helpful if members join a community of practice to help them learn about facilitation methods and other important aspects of sociocracy such as forming proposals and consent decision making. You can earn time credits for time spent learning sociocracy in either of these ways:
  • Interested in Timebanking for Youth?
    Youth Timebanking Global has resources to begin a local chapter. Learn more here: https://www.ytbrn.org/
  • Alliances

    CoThrive is proud to be a member of The Mutual Aid Network in Madison, Wisconsin. Visit their website for more details. 


  • NWI Permaculture Meetups
    Check this link for current and future events.