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408 Records
ContactOrganization NameFoundedCityStateCountryMembersLast TransLast YearExchanges
ContactUbuntu Eesti — (Startup)2018Tallinn Harju Estonia []Estonia [EE]8Mar 2018018
ContactHabitat for Humanity Choptank — (Startup)2018TrappeMaryland [MD]United States [US]4none00
ContactMadonna Time Bank 2018LivoniaMichigan [MI]United States [US]16Apr 2018075
ContactHaldusühistu Ilmasaare 2018Lääne-Harju Estonia []Estonia [EE]13Apr 201801354
ContactPeople at Bharuch Timebank — (Startup)2018bharuch gujarat []India [IN]6none00
ContacthOUR Economy 2018StauntonVirginia [VA]United States [US]418Nov 201802843
ContactKann’Ailes — (Startup)2018Saint Leu Reunion []France [FR]5none00
ContactHorizontal — (Startup)2018Loves ParkIllinois [IL]United States [US]7none00
ContactTri-city 時間銀行 華人互助網 2018FremontCalifornia [CA]United States [US]18Jun 201802
ContactAldeafeliz — (Startup)2018San Francisco Cundinamarca []Colombia [CO]3none00