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hOurworld International Directory of Timebanks

383 Records
ContactOrganization NameFoundedCityStateCountryMembersLast TransLast YearExchanges
ContactTulare County Time Bank — (Startup)2023VisaliaCalifornia [CA]United States [US]2none00
ContactGlobal Restoration Project — (Startup)2023TorringtonWyoming [WY]United States [US]4none00
ContactSW Michigan Timebank — (Startup)2023FennvilleMichigan [MI]United States [US]2none00
ContactTerraNexum — (Startup)2023EvergreenColorado [CO]United States [US]3none00
ContactKoinonia Exchange — (Startup)2023TremontonUtah [UT]United States [US]5none00
ContactIt Takes A Village Ministry — (Startup)2023GreenwoodFlorida [FL]United States [US]3none00
ContactBeehive Time Bank — (Startup)2023Salt Lake CityUtah [UT]United States [US]2none00
ContactCarbondale Service Exchange — (Startup)2023CarbondaleColorado [CO]United States [US]3none00
ContactNorthridge Lakes Block Alliance — (Startup)2023MilwaukeeWisconsin [WI]United States [US]2none00
ContactFreedom Network Exchange — (Startup)2023SnohomishWashington [WA]United States [US]5none00